Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tv3 media launching pesona nona finalist

(23RD DECEMBER 2008)

I got a call from kak nurul shukor asking me to do a makeover for the pesona nona finalist at carcosa seri negara.There are 7 of us including kak nurul working hard to make all the girls looking pretty on stage..I ve done 2 of the finalist which i've forgotten to ask their name hehe..Good luck on your assignment girls!

kak nurul working on the and our group with the diva...hehe

me working on the first girl.....kak nurul touching up hasfiza

pretty kaaann hasfiza with akak nurul touch....

here are the 10 finalist ....and on stage with ally and hasfiza

the first and the second girl that i've done ...looking sweet honeyy..

she's being interviewed in wanita hari ini..


This is my first time going to balik pulau, penang...i almost missed the bus that suppose to brought the brides family and me coz the brides mother totally unaware that i suppose to go with them all..hehe..

aida..malam berinai

I get a called from aida to do this makeup for her malam berinai..and what a small world that she stay just a few doors from my apartment ...hehee..its a simple makeover but she looks flawlesssss huhh..

salina r.s ...engagement..

It was a hot day in melaka during salina engagement but everything goes well... ..Her baju fits well even without a fitting ..i got it done a day b4 i leave to melaka..some of the pic here taken from the pro photograper..

ahkak fazlina...engagament


her engagement is in sepang..jauh tapi dekat dihati... ..the pic is credit to kamalia the photographer

A makeover for a fren..


Im doin this for a fren who need my help for her photography assigment and presentation...we're doing this in a small studio in uni kl..good luck qausar..

3 different hair look in one..

(OCTOBER 2008)

I did the shoot today with fana using the same eyeshadow colour but with 3 different hair just using my sony w150 to shoot this pictures... ...ce's magnifique!

miss fana everyday look..

the first look..

the second..

the third...

i love this one...gorgeousssss


(OCTOBER 2008)
Its the fourth day of hari raya and intan decided to do her engagement today..selamat betunang yek akak ice look so sweet and pretty...

a day of an extreme makeover

(september 2008)

Me and my partner in crime makeup artist munie have planned to do this makeover over a few months ago..our model for that day is our own fren.. ..were having a good time doing this artistic makeover and everybody cant wait to see the transformation.. ..munie's blog...

looking on the refrence picture

working on my first model

the second model

done by munie...simply gorgeous