Sunday, August 29, 2010

Studio photoshoot...for Alinas bridal

The shoot is for Alinas and harrison add campaign ..Its a 3 days shoot and this is the 2nd day shoot which is in the studio.I havent got the pic of the outdoor shoot on the first day yet but ill updated soon.The model is the beautiful brazilian bruna teixeira.. damn gorgeous!!

in the making..please ignore my ugly hand...hihi

the last outfit...shes got a gorgeous hair too..


Im doing the classic cats eye fav.....


Fadhlillah Adnan said...

Cik Li..cantik!! Nak blaja wat rambut lak la bleh? Kali ni nak request Bakso gak...hahaha.. :p

nazliman said...

bolee..kena bwk model yg rambut nya versi lebat and mewah senang nak main2 ngan spray..ahakkk

Nurfatehah said...

cantik lah model ni. kite suke! make up mengancam! tak reti lah buat mekap style mata kucing tu. hihi