Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Studio photoshoot....the nefertiti

Everything is last minute when doing this shoot..i couldnt get the headgear for this nefertiti theme until the idea came out why dont i do it myself! haha believe it or not i did the headgear and the bling2 neck accessories in just 3 hours! hehe...

just glue and paste the stone on the fabric..easy..hehe

in the making..

this shot is taken and edited by mr.zoolhakeem

and this one too...good job zool!


Fadhlillah Adnan said...

ur job is breathtakingly stunning!! ;)

aj-saudagar-butik-cintaaliahgallery said...

Superb bro......mantop! tak sabar pasni ,AJ lak nk cut & paste the bling2...lalalalala

nazliman said...

makasihhh buk fadhilah.. :-))

AJ...cut and paste kat body laaa...lagik mantepppp! ahakkkk